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April 14

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saints Tibertius, Valerius, and Maximus; Saint Ardalion; Saint Lambert of Lyons; Saint Bernard of Tiron; Saint Caradoc; Saint Benezet; Saints Antony, Eustace, and John; and Saint Lidwina of Schiedam.


Since writing the following, I have moved to Texas and the only exposure I have to Saint Ciscoe (a thorough search of the internet confirmed my suspicion that I am still alone in my opinion of him) is on my own website, it seemed that I really should remove the essay and be done with him, if only for my own peace of mind.. And then I thought of the silent and beleaguered few who, without much hope, furtively type "I don't like Ciscoe Morris" into their search engines and how sad it would be if there were no result, so in spite of the fact that it will feed my small-minded and petty vindictiveness (hey, those are presidential qualities--don't knock 'em), I will continue to present:

I Don't Like Ciscoe Morris

I can't stand Ciscoe Morris. If you don't live around Seattle, you won't know who this guy is--a locally famous and unspeakably popular gardening expert--and if you did know him, you would wonder why I can't stand him because EVERYONE loves Ciscoe Morris except me. This isn't anything like my disdain of All Things Martha Stewart; I have a lot of company there. I am apparently all alone in my dislike of the precious Ciscoe.

I am making this I Don't Like Ciscoe Morris page just in case there are others like myself who are in need of support. It is ALL RIGHT to not like Ciscoe Morris. You don't need a good reason to not like someone. This is America.


Rod Steiger celebrates his birthday (1925) today. In spite of what I just wrote about Ciscoe Morris, if you don't like Rod Steiger, you DO need a good reason.



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