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April 19
The Paranoid Gardener

(2008) Maybe it's mostly the fault of the internet, but my initial foray into Texas gardening is starting to look like an Alamo reenactment with me being Davy Crocket and the fire ants, noxious weeds, and other contrary life forms and natural disasters being Santa Ana's teeming troups.

Fire Ants

First, I had to get out and weed the garden area. It had been tilled a couple times since I moved here, but when you are going to plant a garden you want to do a lot of the weeding by hand to avoid spreading the weeds since many weeds propagate through bits of root. This is when I ran into the fire ants.

Fire ants, in case you are lucky enough to live where they don't, are so horrible that they may be proof that there is a hell.

Apparently that freshly tilled soil had been very attractive to the fire ants and there was a so for a while there I was getting two or three bites/stings every day, mostly on my feet. I suppose I could have worn socks, but then the bites would have been on my legs.



Harvester Ants

Cucumber Beetles


The Birds




Saints celebrating feast days on April 23 include Saint Leo IX, Saint Expeditus, Saint Ursmar, Saint Geroldus, and Saint Alphege.

Birthdays today: Don Adams (1927, NYC), Tim Curry (1946, Cheshire, England), Elinor Donahue (1937, Tacoma, WA), and Hugh O'Brian (1930, Rochester, NY).

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