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April 3

Just returned from a little trip to rural Florida...wish this sign had been hanging a little lower so I could have stolen it and sold it on eBay as folk art.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Pancras of Taormina; Saint Sixtus or Xystus; Saint Agape, Chionia, and Irene; Saint Burgundofara or Fare; Saint Nicetas; and Saint Richard Wyche or Richard of Chichester.

Doris Day, who has been deemed an agent of satan by the authors of this site, (not THIS site--you have to click on the link) was born today (1924), as were Jane Goodall (1934), and Picabo Street (1971).

How Picabo Street Got Her Name
(taken verbatim from the Salt Lake 2002 site)

"Name game Street's parents, Stubby and Dee, decided to let their daughter choose her own name when she was old enough, so for the first two years of her life she was known simply as "Little Girl." At the time, the Street family lived in Triumph, Idaho. South of Triumph is a town called Picabo. Stubby became interested in the town when the family first moved to Triumph in 1967 and started to read about the Picabo Indian tribe. When Street was 2, her mother took her to get a U.S. passport for a trip to Mexico. When Dee tried to write down "Little Girl" as Street's first name, the passport agent told her that wouldn't work and that the Streets had two weeks to name their daughter. During those two weeks, Street and her dad were playing the childhood game "peekaboo," causing Stubby to remember the town. They named her Picabo, which translated into English means "shining waters." At age 4, Street's parents gave her the option of changing her name, but she decided to keep it. "

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