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April 5

Alabaman with duck

On the recent Florida-to-Mason road trip, we stopped at the visitors' center as we entered Alabama. The first Alabaman we met was standing there holding a duck.

"What's with the duck?" we asked.

Apparently the duck had found its way to the visitors' center and someone who worked there offered to find it a home, so this nice guy caught it and was hanging onto it for her.

I'd never been to Alabama before--this was a nice introduction.

Saints celebrating feast days today include St. Vincent Ferrer (patron saint of builders), St. Albert of Montecorvino , St. Becan , St. Zeno , St. Theodore and Pausilippus , St. Derferl-Gadarn , Martyrs of Lesbos , Martyrs of London .

Not Celebrating: Spencer Tracy (1900-1967), Bette Davis (1908-1989), Gregory Peck (1916-2003).

Celebrating: Roger Corman (1926, Motor City), Max Gail (1943, Grosse Point, MI), and Gale Storm (1922, Bloomington, TX).

And, from IMDB...the complete list of celebrating stars.

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