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April 7
Invasion of the Proud White Trash

Minuteman on Arizona border, ca. 2005

(2004?) I don't think that "white trash" is too tacky a term for the folks who have descended on Southeast Arizona as part of what is called The Minuteman Project*. Mi-NUTE-man Project would be more apt since these are the smallest of the small people--ever-so-white pinheads with SUV's and night-vision goggles and guns. Although their website disavows any connection with white racist groups, there are other sites that belie this claim.

These clowns are gathering at the behest of Chris Simcox, the King of the Pinheads, who is also the owner of the Tombstone Tumbleweed, the crappiest small town rag on the face of the earth.

Naturally, we are having counter-protests, but they aren't getting the media coverage that the yahoos are getting. Well, we aren't as photogenic as...say...the lardass pictured above. That's the best Texas could do? Sheesh. I took that picture, incidentally...cool, huh?

Anyway, I've had a little fun driving the dirt border road as fast as possible and covering the idiots with dust a couple times a day. It has been very windy and their vehicles have churned up so much desert that they must be choking. To death, I hope. Yesterday, on my run, we had the added fun of getting an interview for a border resident who is less afraid of immigrants, papered or unpapered, than she is of the Minutemen and the Border Patrol. This is the general feeling in Bisbee.

Sadly, the invasion is supposed to go on all month.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint John Baptiste de la Salle, Saint Hegesippus Aphraates, Saint George the Younger, Saint Celsus or Ceallach, Saint Aybert, and Saint Henry Walpole.


Birthdays today: Jackie Chan (1954, Hong Kong), Francis Ford Coppola (1939, Detroit), Russell Crowe (1964, Auckland, NZ), and James Garner (1928, Norman, OK).

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