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August 10

Saint Bettelin and Saint Laurence or Saint Lawrence (patron saint of cooks and restauranteurs and vineyards, invoked againsts lumbago and fire), celebrate their feast days today.


Birthdays today include Ian Anderson (1947), Eddie Fisher (who I keep thinking is dead but isn't)(1928), and Rhonda Fleming (1923).


National Blueberry Festival

South Haven, Michigan, is the World's Highbush Blueberry Capital and the town is celebrating the National Blueberry Festival August 7 through today. Before you jump in the car to join the fun, you might want to read my old Blueberries essay.

Naturally, there is a pageant, a blueberry pancake breakfast, and entertainment. Edgar Winter is this year's nostalgic pick. Past groups include The Lovin' Spoonful.

WMCA in New York City has their weekly music survey charts from 1962-1970 on line. It is great. The Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City" never hit the number one spot in 1966, but it was on the chart all that summer. Amazing the memories that come back reading those charts. Most amazing is the fact that 1966 was THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS AGO.

Fellow Boomers will look at that picture above and shudder. If they look like that, what do I look like? It reminds me:

1. About ten years ago, I saw a picture of Arlo Guthrie. The last photo of him with which I was very familiar was on the cover of "Alice's Restaurant." He had, ummm, changed.

2. A friend of mine was saying that she had had a horrible experience recently. She was in a restaurant when she looked across the room and saw a woman looking back at her. "She looks just like me," mused my friend, "except she's a lot older." It was a mirror.

3. Another friend was in the supermarket looking at produce. She reached out to take a head of lettuce and then drew her hand back in order to let the old lady, whom she hadn't noticed, get her lettuce first. Right. Another mirror.

I don't want today's Saint Report to end like this. I want to say something that puts the aging process in a positive light. I want to say something about wisdom and maturity and depth. Unfortunately, right now all I can think about is THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS.

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