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August 18
Birth Control: the Mother of Feminism


On August 18, 1960, the first birth control pills hit the market, completely changing the world for women in their childbearing years. Those years no longer had to be childbearing years--they could be working years or sailing around the world years or years devoted to study, writing, or sitting in a duck blind studying migratory waterfowl years. These, of course, were to some extent options prior to The Pill, but they were difficult to realize unless a woman chose celibacy.

Girls today don't understand the significance of birth control and its relationship to feminism. They don't understand that prior to the pill, we all heard potential employers ask infuriating questions such as "What guarantee can you give us that you won't just get married and start having babies?" What were we supposed to answer to that? "Hey, no problem--I like girls." "I don't like children." "I've had a hysterectomy." "I'll have a hysterectomy." It was an in-your-face question and it didn't need to be asked since what the man (it was almost always a man) was really saying was "We don't put women in positions of responsibility." Sadly, college counselors were guilty of the same offense. "Forestry? You don't really want to be in forestry," the (usually male) smirking counselor said condescendingly.

So, with the company line of "why train 'em when they are just going to have to quit when they have babies" rendered obsolete, employers took other steps to maintain the status quo. They did things such as attaching ridiculous physical requirements to jobs that didn't require them. They simply threw away the applications from individuals with women's first names. They did everything short of putting "must have a penis" in their minimum requirements for management positions or trade work. "There isn't a women's room and we can't afford to build one," "there's only one locker room," "the guys use bad language." "The work is too dangerous."

And The Pill gave birth to Feminism.

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Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Agapitus and Saint Helena.


Among the many celebrating birthdays today are: Rosalynn Carter (1927, Plains, GA), Elayne Boosler (1952, Brooklyn), Patrick Swayze (1954, Houston), and Martin Mull (1943, Chicago).


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