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August 20

Patty Fox and the Strange Story of the Safeway Kittens

I don't know about coincidence anymore. I'm unsure about design, too, but I am really don't know about coincidence.

I used to commute on the bus and ferry with a woman named Patty Fox. Patty was a highly animated type who announced one day that her offspring had formed their own support group: the Adult Children of Patty Fox. This is just to give you some perspective on her; she was a livewire.

Anyway, the commute was long--about 90 minutes each way--and we would cover much conversational ground. On this particular day we were discussing eerie coincidences and this was Patty's story:

Patty and her husband went to the grocery store one day and saw a little girl sitting outside the front door with a box of kittens. By the time they were finished with their shopping, the box contained only one and Patty oohed and ahhed. But Patty's husband wasn't a cat lover, so they went back to their car with just the groceries.

Patty's husband started the car and then turned it off again. "Why don't you go get that kitten?" he said to Patty.

"But you don't LIKE cats," Patty protested.

"I think we ought to get that kitten," the man persisted.

So Patty got out of the car, went back and talked to the girl, went back into the store and bought kitten supplies, came back out, took the kitten from the girl, and the girl got up from her spot in front of the store and happily skipped away.

As Patty and her husband sat in their vehicle looking at their new little friend, a car came out of nowhere, out of control and at breakneck speed, and crashed into the side of the store, exactly where the little girl had been sitting.

Patty and her husband were stunned, watching as people surrounded the wrecked car and the shaken driver emerged unhurt.

"So," said Patty's husband, "now what do we do with this cat?"


Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Bernard (patron saint of Gibralter, beekeepers, and wax-melters), Saint Amadour, Saint Oswin, and Saint Philibert.

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"Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh."

-George Bernard Shaw


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