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December 1
Chester Greenwood Day
Farmington, Maine

Farmington, MaineThe first Saturday in December, the 4th this year (2004), is celebrated as Chester Greenwood Day in Farmington, Maine. Chester, in case you didn't know, invented earmuffs, so in his honor Farmington, where earmuffs have doubtless saved dozens of ears, has an annual earmuff-themed parade with flag raising. This rite of winter attracts about a thousand sturdy individuals.

The parade features everything that can be stuck in a parade either disguised as or wearing earmuffs. That means police cruisers, cows, other livestock, etc. It is quite a show. At the end of the parade, the flag is raised and two actors portraying Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood present prizes to the best parade participants.

Chester, incidentally, invented a lot more than just the earmuffs, the beta version of which he made at the age of 15 in 1873. He also was responsible for the mechanical mousetrap, automobile shock absorbers, the whistling tea kettle, and about a hundred other things, but the earmuffs are what made him his fortune and turned Farmington into the Earmuff Capital of the World.

Saints celebrating feast days on December 1 include Saint Ansanus, Saint Agericus or Airy, Saint Tudwal, Saint Eligius or Eloi, Saint Edmund Campion, Saint Alexander Briant, and Saint Ralph Sherwin.

Celebrating birthdays today: Bette Midler (1945), Lou Rawls (1935).
Julia A. Davis Moore, The Sweet Singer of Michigan, was born on this date in 1847, and died June 17, 1920. Julia Moore has her own special Saint Report.

In 1977, the Maine legislature passed the following statute:

December 21st of each year shall be designated as Chester Greenwood Day and the Governor shall annually issue a proclamation inviting and urging the people of the State of Maine to observe this day in suitable places with appropriate ceremony and activity. Chester Greenwood Day shall commemorate and honor Chester Greenwood, whose inventive genius and native ability, which contributed much to the enjoyment of Maine's winter season, marked him as one of Maine's outstanding citizens. [1977, c. 262 (new).]
Farmington's famous Twin Pond Motel has a live webcam here. Well, it isn't really live but they call it live. It is really a daily picture, but that is probably active enough for Farmington, Maine. The photo above is from October 10, 2001.

The local radio station, WKTJ FM, has a website that doesn't have online broadcasting but does provide downloadable local news, updated weekly. Which makes sense for a place that has a live webcam with a daily picture.

Actually, I shouldn't make fun of Farmington because it isn't quite as backwoods as the websites would make it appear. It has the University of Maine at Farmington and is just minutes from two excellent ski areas. Still...Earmuff Capital of the World?

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