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December 28

The Frozen Foot Rendezvous:
Another Feather in South Dakota's Cap

(2002) Yesterday began the 2002 Frozen Foot Rendezvous at Bruce, S.D.'s, Oakwood Lakes State Park. Chase's Calendar of Events predicts this year's attendance at the annual frost fest to be around 50, which seems optimistic considering that most people would rather get their nipples pierced than spend two days in January camping in South Dakota.* In fact, the only up side I can see to the event is that it is too cold for the rattlesnakes.

"What's Going On" was an interesting site, now defunct, that rated festivals for different qualities. They graded this celebration of discomfort and deprivation on a 1-10 scale for: Down and Dirty (5), Civic Pride (5), Mother Nature (9), Gluttony (8), Reenactments (9), and One of a Kind (5). Only 5 for One of a Kind? That's just plain scary. Anyway, what happens at the Frozen Foot Rendezvous is that the participants pretend they are at a trapper and trader rendezvous, shoot muzzleloaders, and hunt for treasure. There is also a wild game cookoff.

And speaking of wild game cookoffs and South Dakota, you still have plenty of time to get up to Custer State Park for the October 2003 buffalo roundup and Buffalo Wallow Chili Cookoff. If you have a particularly tasty buffalo chili recipe and are aching to see how it stacks up against other buffalo chili recipes, you had better call now--there is room for only fifty entries. Each contestant receives 8 pounds of ground buffalo with which to make three gallons of finished product. And don't even think about adding meat from any other animal--they have rules.

Among the cash prizes at Custer, which aren't bad, there is a $150 award for showmanship, which probably means that you can make those hides you are chewing for your outfit for next year's rendezvous do double duty.

*It looks like 2002 was the final FFR in Bruce. Ya snooze, ya lose.

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