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December 31
Move Over, New York--
What's Waterford Compared To Live Possum?

I have never had the tiniest desire (at least since I quit drinking) to join the crowds at Times Square watching as the giant ball descends at midnight on New Year's Eve. Too many people, too cold, too anonymous. I do, however, long to be at Brasstown, North Carolina, as a lucky possum is reverentially lowered toward the expectant throngs.


"You mean there's no bloodshed?
Whew! I love it, too!" - My Sister

It will be about the 14th annual Clay's Corner Possum Drop, a celebration recently covered by Salon (but I don't subscribe so I will have to make stuff up).

"Maybe we all should think of things to lower
on New Year's Eve!" 

- My Sister

Unlike the events in Yellville, this 'do isn't a buncha crackers defying PETA and what they see as political correctness in general (like common sense, good manners, suppressing your inner Hun?). The Clay's Corner fete is even educational.

Still working on this one....

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Sylvester, Saint Columnba of Sens, and Saint Melania the Younger.

Birthdays today include Sir Anthony Hopkins (1937, Port Talbot, Wales), Ben Kingsley (1943, Yorkshire, England), Sarah Miles (1941, Ingatestone, England), Bebe Neuwirth (1958, Newark), and Odetta (1943, Birmingham).

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