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December 9
Adopt-a-Cat: Kitty Number One
Pitiful Pearl

Several months ago I saw Pearl in the brush around my house with a kitten that looked about eight weeks old. I tried to approach them, but they darted into the undergrowth. Later that day, I found a dead kitten, obviously from the same litter, next to my driveway. I think a different feral cat killed it. I saw Pearl and the remaining baby a couple more times before that kitten, too, met some sort of demise. Pearl would still appear and disappear but never let me near her.

After a fairly lengthy absence, during which time I had pretty much forgotten all about her, Pearl suddenly appeared on my porch when I was feeding my outdoor cats. I was very surprised--she had never even come in the yard before. Desperation had obviously motivated her--she looked like she had swallowed a football, she was so pregnant. Anyway, I let her eat and was able to touch her briefly before she took off. I decided that the next day I would trap her somehow--if she weren't as pregnant as I thought, I would get her spayed and if she were, then at least I could tame up the babies even if she herself were wild (you lose a little blood doing this, by the way, but a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do).

So the next day arrived and I was prepared with my cat pole and a crate. When Pearl showed up to eat, I caught her, crated her, and moved her into the back bathroom where I had a box prepared, a litter pan, food, and water. She immediately ran out of the crate and hid behind the toilet. Later that night I went in to check on her and she was sitting by her food. I reached down tentatively to pet her and suddenly she started to purr and leaned her head into my hand. She wasn't wild at all. She had been someone's loving pet, dumped in the country. Poor Pearl.

The next day I was up at 3 a.m to make a quick trip to Houston and back. All was well with Pearl when I left her. When I returned--well, you can see for yourself. All seven babies and Pearl did great and the kittens all found new homes after they were spayed and neutered.

Now that I know Pearl well, I can say with certainty that she is only moderately vocal but is one of those highly intrusive cats who isn't content to merely be a sofa ornament. She want to be right in your face all the time and never tires of being petted. I think she would be ok with children but she hasn't been tested. She tolerates dogs but truly hates most other cats.

There are other videos of Pearl and the babies on YouTube, by the way. Click on the video above if you want to see them.

Because it is hard enough to find homes for cats right now, there will be no adoption fee for Pearl but I have an adoption contract that requires you to swear NOT to declaw and to return Pearl if she doesn't work out for you.

Delivery is possible. Delivery to Austin is actually desireable since I'm always looking for excuses to go to Austin.

Call me at 325-347-5326 with any questions.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Hipparchus and Companions, the Seven Martyrs of Samosata, Saint Leocadia, Saint Gorgonia, Saint Budoc or Beuzec, and Saint Peter Fourier.

Birthdays: Joan Armatrading (1950, St. Kitts, West Indies), Beau Bridges (1941, Los Angeles), Tom Daschle (1947, Aberdeen, SD), Kirk Douglas (1916, Amsterdam, NY), John Malkovich (1953, Christopher, IL), Dina Merrill (1925, NYC).

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