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February 10
Pitcairn Island - A Curiosity Becomes an Abomination

I used to think that Pitcairn Island, though I wouldn't have cared to live there myself, was an interesting place. It had a unique history, having been settled by the Bounty mutineers who wrecked the ship on its rocks in order to live out their lives without having to be brought to account for their deeds. It had a unique religious history: the Seventh Day Adventists converted the entire island essentially by way of reading material when reading material was in short supply.

Now, however, I wouldn't touch the place with a ten-foot pole. I consider it an Auschwitz, its excuse for existence only to serve as a memorial to its victims. It has only three brands of residents: rapists, victims, and the rapists' apologists. Instead of prosecuting only a handful of the 50+ population, every adult on that island should have been tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

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So what is to be done? I'll tell you: I'd leave the nasty place to the men and women beyond childbearing years, if any of those women are stupid enough to want to remain with a bunch of inbred rapists and child abusers. What I would NOT do is leave anyone who could possibly give birth to a baby that could be almost legally molested at five years of age and would certainly be raped by 12.

Another thing I would do is suspend all tourism to this hellhole until the last of the residents is gone and the island has non-"native" caretakers. I would boycott all products made by the islanders. I would write to the British government and tell them that as long as this warped culture is allowed to survive, the rapes are bound to continue since no one seems to think there was much wrong with them except the girls who were raped. I would tell the British government that now every new rape is going to be on their heads since nothing is really being done to protect the girls.

The island's white history began with men who found a way to be above the law. It has now come full circle and I would let it end there. Good riddance to really bad rubbish. Am I being judgmental? You bet. Someone ought to be.


Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Scholastica, Saint Soteris, Saint Trumwin, Saint Austreberta, and Saint William of Maleval.


Dame Judith Anderson was born on this day in 1898 and died on January 3, 1992. I was lucky enough to see her in person doing a reading from Robinson Jeffer's "Medea" when I was about 19 and living in California.


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