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February 29
Acquire a Web Presence Day

If you do a Google search by plugging in your name in quotation marks followed by the name of the city in which you live in quotation marks ("benny goodwin" "bainbridge") and come up with nothing or just a phone listing, you probably don't have a web presence. That's just plain sad. You need to have a web presence in order to really exist.

Goatview Farm and the Saint Report intend to correct these omissions by putting your picture and name and city on one of its web pages and doing the little magic things that make your name eventually searchable. It will probably take a couple of weeks for the magic to take effect (if you want an explanation of making things searchable, go here), and then you will be a real stop on the information superhighway.

benny goodwin bainbridge islandScared? Like your illusion of anonymity and want to keep it intact? Send me a picture of your dog! Your dog can have a web presence before you do. How cool is that? Just to get things rolling, I am going to put in my sister's dog, Benny.

Here he is on the left, Benny Goodwin of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

NOTE: I think I wrote this in 2005. Benny, of course, is now searchable on Google but no one else sent me pictures of THEIR dogs. My offer still stands.

Saint Cassian apparently is the sole saint with a feast day only once every four years, though this seems somewhat questionable.

Leapling French actor Michele Morgan turns 88 today. Interestingly (I don't know why I use that term--it might not be interesting at all), I just saw "The Chase," starring Robert Cummings and her--never heard of her before that. It's a good noir, if you like noirs, and she was very beautiful. According to Michele Morgan's Wikipedia article, she had a satisfying career and a series of long-lived meaningful relationships--it always makes me happy to read about women who managed to have it all plus lived long enough to be able to bask in the memories.

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