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February 6

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Saint Mel and Melchu, Saint Vedast or Vaast, Saint Amand (patron saint of brewers, wine-makers, hotel keepers, and bar staff), Saint Guarinus, and Saint Hildegund.



Famous birthday celebrants today include Fabian (1943, Philadelphia), Zsa Zsa Gabor (1919, Budapest), and Mamie Van Doren (1933, Rowena, South Dakota). There were others, but they didn't have these folk's pizazz so I left them off the report. So where are they now? Zsa Zsa seems to be living in Beverley Hills somewhere in ostentatious taste-free splendor. Mamie Van Doren has her own website from which I have stolen this picture:

Mamie Van Doren

I've seen her interviewed on some of the cable tv biographies...can't remember whose...and she is still attractive, but.... On the other hand, Mamie's old rival, Jeanne Carmen, looks very elegant but, from what I could see on a recent E! biography, is nearly unable to move her wrinkle-free mouth. But I don't know. Can sex symbols age gracefully? Why should they?

Fabian (full name Fabian Forte) also has his own website. If you run your cursor over this picture, you will see someone who IS aging gracefully...in fact, he's still a little hottie if you ask me.



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