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January 3
John and Yoko, Unplugged


Amazon.com is apparently concerned that individuals who are shopping for that old John Lennon and Yoko Ono album, "Two Virgins," might be offended by full frontal nudity, so it has covered the controversial duo in a plain brown wrapper. This sort of censorship is not new. On this date in 1969, that hotbed of puritanism, Newark, New Jersey, put its police force to use confiscating 30,000 of the pornography-statute-flauting records, thereby safeguarding the morals of that upstanding community.

Unlike the Newark of 1969, the Saint Report believes that not only is there nothing wrong with full-frontal nudity, there isn't even enough of it, so here's the real deal but you will have to go to this website to see it because I couldn't copy the graphics off the webpage.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Antherus, Peter Balsam, Florentius, Genevieve (patron saint of Paris, invoked against disasters and fever), and Bertilia of Mereuil.
Birthdays: Dabney Coleman (1932, Austin), Stephen Stills (1945, Dallas).

On this day in 1956, "Queen for a Day" graduated from 11 years on radio to the new medium of television. When they talk about the Golden Days of TV they never mention this show. It had all the taste and intellectual appeal of Jerry Springer and the host, Jack Bailey, simply oozed unctuous insincerity. Interestingly, Jack Bailey wore another hat: he sometimes was the voice of Goofy for Walt Disney. He died in 1980 at the age of 72.



Since Chase's Calendar of Events, my major source of birthdays and events, failed to provide sufficient fodder for today's essay, I went web surfing, hanging a virtual ten off Google:

Why was man born just to suffer and die? Rather than answer this question, Google decided to tell me when I was going to suffer and die. I guess Google figures that I know why. The Death Clock

Why do ducks have orange feet? This question has nagged at me for years and I guess it is going to continue to nag at me. Google wanted me to check out the statistics for the Anaheim (Orange County) Mighty Ducks, cook wild duck in orange sauce, and visit the The Ducks' Bactrian Camel Page.

Can you give me a recipe for cat meat? I was directed to Eat Dangerously, "the blow health out your ass cookbook" with the motto "Being healthy pays off when you’re old while eating delicious food pays off RIGHT NOW." Hey, can't argue with THAT.



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