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January 8
Elvis Sang Here

Today, October 8, 2008, would have been Elvis's 73rd birthday (1935).

This is what's left of the Cherry Springs Dance Hall at Cherry Springs, Texas, where Elvis sang on Sunday, October 9, 1955, sharing the stage with Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, and Wanda Jackson. Elvis had just turned 20 the day before and the dance hall was 66 years old. Of all of them, only Wanda remains.

Actually, the photo is of more than is left of the dance hall. Since I took the picture, the guitar-shaped sign has broken and the neck dangles from the body.

Where do you find this stuff?

Some of the odd things that I find come from stumbleupon.com. Stumble Upon is a free, easily-installed search engine toolbar that allows you to pick subjects of interest to you so you can click the button at any time to go to a random page pertaining to one of the subjects chosen. Depending on the subjects chosen, you can find some pretty funny stuff. I also use Chase's Calendar of Events. There's a new one for every year. Newspapers and libraries are the places that normally purchase them.


Saints celebrating feast days today include Severinus, Apollinaris Claudius, Patiens, Felix, Gudula, and Pega.

Birthdays include Shirley Bassey (1937), David Bowie (1947), Stephen Hawking (1942), Yvette Mimieux (1941) and Charles Osgood (1933).

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