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January 16

Florida Citrus Festival vs.
Icebox Days XXVIII

Never have two events scheduled for the same weekend had less impact on each other than the Florida Citrus Festival in Winter Haven, Florida, and Icebox Days in International Falls, Minnesota. I already wrote about Icebox Days.

The Citrus Festival is expected to pull in 160,000 lightweights. Icebox Days will attract around 5,000 tough cookies.

Just in case you are the only person in the world who is actually trying to decide which event to attend, I will make it easier for you with this handy chart:


Florida Citrus Festival
Icebox Days XXVIII
Mentioned in Rocky and Bullwinkle No Yes
Miss Florida Citrus Yes No
Turkey bowling No Yes
Beach party Yes Yes
Mutt races No Yes
Smoosh racing No Yes
Automated fresh fruit packing line Yes No
Livestock exhibits Yes No
Big name country AND western entertainers Yes No
Snow No Yes
Ski races No Yes
Parade Yes Yes
Lots of old people Yes No
Horticultural competitions Yes No
Admission charge Yes Yes
Baby beauty contest Yes No
Trained monkeys Yes No
Karaoke contests Yes No
Concern about the potato salad Yes No
Chili cookoff No Yes
Barrel sauna and polar bear dip No Yes
Ice golf No Yes
10k run No Yes
Medics Yes Yes
Close to Minneapolis No Yes


Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Marcellus, Saint Priscilla, Saint Honoratus, Saint Fursey, Saint Henry of Cocket, and Saint Berard and Companions.

Two people were born today who will probably be making my life more enjoyable until the day I die: Ethel Merman (1909-1984) and Robert W. Service (1874-1958).

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