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Gobi Desert ventifactsJanuary 27

(2007) Yesterday I went to Fredericksburg for the Fredericksburg Rockhounds' annual gem and mineral show. It was pretty small as these events go, but it had something I had never seen or heard of: ventifacts.

Ventifacts (think artifacts) are naturally sandblasted (or ice-blasted or whatever the natural abrasive is) pieces of rock. The real definition says that at least one side of the rock must be polished by the natural abrasive, but the ones I got for a mere $2 each were nature-polished all over.

The label on the basket said "Mongolian Desert Ventifacts," and since I have some serious holes in my geographical knowledge, I was also surprised to hear that Mongolia had a desert (the Gobi, as it turns out--I didn't even know I didn't know where the Gobi Desert is).

I have two pictures of the ventifacts here because I am sending one to my sister, one to my friend Judy, and keeping one so this is the last time they can be together.



Gobi Desert ventifacts***

Saints celebrating feast days on January 27 include Saint John Chrysostom (patron saint of preachers, to be invoked against epilepsy), Saint Angela Merici, Saint Julian of Le Mans, Saint Marius or Saint May, and Saint Vitalian.


Celebrating birthdays today: James Cromwell (1942, L.A.), Bridget Fonda (1964, L.A.), Mimi Rogers (1956, Coral Gables, FL).

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