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July 27
The World's Largest Lobster, Etc.

I'm writing this essay in response to noticing that three people in the last week stumbled across The Farm while doing a search for "World's Largest Lobster." Three people. Obviously, this is an important topic that hasn't been adeqately covered. Must take care of that.

World's largest lobsters fall into two categories: real lobsters and Lobsters of Desperation. Taking the later category first, there are insignificant cities that want to put themselves on the map by having the largest something, but because of a lack of anything real, commission a statue and then declare themselves the home of the largest whatever the heck it is. In the case of lobsters, the statues are better than average, I must admit. Wait until you see the World's Largest Silver Fox. HAHAHAHAH.

Anyway, here are the two World's Largest Lobsters (Fictitious):

Click on the pictures to go to the sites from which they were stolen. The photographer featured in the lobster pictures had the good sense to include people. It is amazing how many World's Largest photos have nothing for scale.

So...the lobster above can be found in Shediac, New Brunswick, which has the added distinction of being the Lobster Capital of the World. Says them.

Now here is the Florida World's Largest Lobster, which Craig S. Thom found in Islamorada, Florida. Obviously a different species, but might be the same sculptor. Hey! It was the same photographer. What's going on here?

It looks like Craig has made a mission of taking good photographs of every oddball monument in two countries. What a guy! And wherever possible has included himself for scale. I like Craig. He should declare himself Official King of the Roadtrip. I'm going to write more about him later but we still have to cover those real lobsters. It is so difficult to stay on the Information Superhighway when every offramp looks so interesting.

According to the Guinness Book of World's Records, the largest lobster was caught in 1977 in Nova Scotia and weighed 44 lb., 6 oz. That's all. No picture and no story. Sorry.

Oh, before I forget...here's the fox. It is also in New Brunswick along with a bunch of other big things.


Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Pantaleon, the Seven Sleepers, and the Seven Apostles of Bulgaria.


Celebrating birthdays on July 27: Bobbie Gentry (1942, Chicasaw County, MS), Norman Lear (1922, New Haven, CT).


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