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July 29
The Thing, Owl Pellets, and Hot Pools

(Continued from July 8)

As I was saying, the abysmal lifesized woodcarvings of individuals being tortured in many ways (there should have been one of a woman looking at abysmal lifesized woodcarvings of individuals being tortured in many ways) were perhaps worth the dollar admission at The Thing. Perhaps. What was definitely not worth it was The Thing itself:

I couldn't find any other site online that spoils the surprise--those particular suckers must feel so bad about being swindled our of their dollars that the only thing that will make it all better is knowing how many other people are biting. I'm more magnanimous than that. Hrmph.

What this looks like to me is a fake mummy of a woman and baby. Probably a fake mummy of a Chinese woman and baby (see rice basket). Notice the carefully cut-away section of mummy that exposes extra-large ribs). According to another site, The Thing used to reside in a different "museum" and only moved to this one fairly recently. A typical reviewer stated "you get what you pay for." But hey--let's be fair--the Bowlin's people (who own this and many other roadside attractions/tourist traps/billboards) did manage to get my curiosity going and a buck is cheap if that's all it takes to satisfy anything.

Now, onward to Safford and the hot pools.


Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Martha, Saint Felix II, Saint Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice.

Celebrating birthdays today:
Wil Wheaton (1972).


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