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June 5
"I do not need two camels"
Part I

There's a site on the internet where people can place free ads to sell their camels. Finding this page (and I have no idea how I ran across it) immediately caused me to generate lots of questions, among which...

1. What did people with surplus camels do prior to the internet?

I can almost guarantee there's no magazine called "Camel Fancy," a little ad in the local paper is unlikely to reach the proper person unless you live in Abu Dhabi, and I doubt that a camel-owner's neighbors often covet the creature while watching hopefully for a CAMEL FOR SALE sign to appear on the (super-tall, incredibly strong, prohibitively expensive) fence.

2. What was the motivation for the initial purchase of the camel in question?

What causes that leap from "What a cool animal!" to "I want one of my very own?" Considering my history with goats (be careful at county fairs...if someone says they'll give you a button if you milk a goat, don't do it), I need to know the answer to that one.

3. What does "cush" mean?

It seems to increase the value of a camel if it cushes.

4. Why am I seeing a red flag in the fact that so many of the ads mention that their camels don't spit or chase horses?

Some of the ads:

7 year old intact male - we raised since he was 4 months old. "Louie" has never spit, never shown aggression towards anything - even in the rut!

3 year old in-tact male. Friendly. Loves jelly sandwiches!

about 12 years old. Gelding.Leads a bit rough,well mannered and gentle. No bad habits. Moved and current situation is not working out to own a camel any more. No room.Sadly must sell now.

Samson does very well with all types of animals. He does not chase horses. Stands 7' at hump. Great disposition, has never spit or shown any aggressive behavior. Cushes, rides, kisses, does a few tricks. Especially loves blonde haired little girls.

 nice camel, dark in color, has a bent leg in front from birth, he does not know this and we haven't told him.

Samson is a 14 yr old dromedary gelding...I am selling him because I do not need 2 camels. Samson does very well with all types of animals. He does not chase horses.

(To Be Continued)

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Boniface (patron saint of brewers and tailors), Saint Dorotheus of Tyre, and Saint Sanctius or Sancho.
Birthdays today: Margaret Drabble (1939), Bill Moyers (1934).

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