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March 1
Saint David's Day: Wear Your Leeks with Pride

welsh flagSaints celebrating feast days today include Saint David or Dewi (patron saint of Wales: the Land that Vowels Forgot), Saint Felix II, Saint Albinus or Aubin of Angers, Saint Swithbert, and Saint Rudesind or Rosendo.

In honor of Saint David's Day, celebrants in Wales wear a leek on March 1st. A LEEK?? How the heck do you wear a leek?? They are a pretty darned big vegetable for tucking into a buttonhole or pinning to your collar. And if you tie it around your neck, someone might think that you are being punished for chasing one down and killing it. Or that you are too poor to afford garlic. Or that you are one of those people who is best completely ignored (like anyone who wears a big button that says "Ask Me About Amway").

Click on the pictures for more information about Wales and leeks.

st david flag

Celebrating birthdays today: Harry Belafonte (1927, NYC), Roger Daltrey (1944, London), Ron Howard (1954, Duncan, OK), Richard Wilbur (1921, NYC).

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