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March 10
Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal:
Caveat Emptor

(2006? but still relevant--check out recent reviews) I saw this thing over at a friend's house and fell in love. It was pretty and it made fresh-ground coffee on a timer--you could wake up to (in theory, anyway) a house filled with the aroma of fresh-ground, fresh-brewed coffee. Instead, if I had the temerity to set the damned timer, I would wake up to a floorful and counterful of fresh-ground, fresh-brewed coffee and the smell of searing coffee on a wet warmer plate. Yum.

Apparently some of them do work the way they are intended. Mine does not. Almost immediately after buying the machine, I filled out the complaint form online and sent it in. That was probably a month ago at least. No response. I just did it again today, and have decided to put the whole story here and complain to them daily until they DO respond (or for 11 or 12 days, anyway). If I can't have satisfaction with the machine itself, I am at least going to get a Saint Report out of this.

February 26, 2005

To the Cuisinart People
Model DGB-600BC
Serial Number 40811FR

This is my second request for help. I'm going to put this complaint all over the internet if you don't get back to me this time (there are already plenty there but, unfortunately, I didn't see them in time before I purchased this piece of junk).

In brief, I am sick of mopping up coffee when I get distracted and forget that I have to stand right next to the darn thing with a flashlight to make sure the lid on the carafe is working, otherwise it stops allowing the coffee into the carafe, preferring to send it spewing all over my kitchen.

This was a refurbished, factory sealed, machine complete with everything except the wire filter basket. It wasn't cheap as a refurbished, either.

I thought that the Cuisinart name would guarantee a good product and good customer service. What gives?

Marilyn Jones

February 27, 2005

Today I didn't lose a whole pot of coffee because I was standing over it the entire time. I probably lost only about a cup. This machine sure makes keeping my kitchen counter clean easy--I have to move everything at least once a week, plus mop up the floor under that counter.

Are you listening? Do you hear me? Is anyone there?

Marilyn Jones

February 28, 2005

This morning my Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal did not spill all over the counter and floor because I didn't use it. I made tea instead.

Marilyn Jones

Eventually, I did hear from them and received a new carafe lid which has solved the problem for the time being. I have decided, however, that if this thing dies one way or another a year from now, I'm just tossing it into the dump. Here are more reviews by disgruntleds online:





Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Codratus and Companions, Saint Marcarius of Jerusalem, Saint Simplicius, Saint Kessog, Saint Anastasia Patrician, Saint Droctoveus or Drotte, Saint Attalas, Saint Himelin, and Saint John Ogilvie.

Celebrating birthdays today are (among millions of others) Bob Greene (1947, Columbus, OH) and Sharon Stone (1958, Meadville, PA).

I like Sharon Stone because of the story of how her husband had his toe mauled by a giant monitor lizard (Komodo Dragon) at the Los Angeles Zoo. They aren't married anymore, incidentally. It is a classic story of a good deed gone bad.

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