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March 11

My birthday and I no longer share it with anyone I like. Douglas Adams was born on March 11, but he died. I can't believe that both Gale Norton and Antonin Scalia were born on my day. Big bummer.


"Ah, but you share your birthday with (I’m not making this up) Candy Lix AND Candy Cantaloupes. That’s GOT to be worth something. And Lisa Loeb, she’s cool."


Thank God for my readers...I was all like NO one cool has my birthday and like all the time I was sharing my birthday with Candy Lix AND Candy Cantaloupes. I am SO corrected.

I didn't know about the IMDB birthday list, either. After this, I'll give the link to the day's celebrating stars.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Constantine, Saint Sophronius, Saint Vindician, Saint Benedict Crispus, Saint Oengus or Aengus, Saint Eulogius of Cordova, Saint Aurea, and Saint Teresa Margaret Redi.

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