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March 12
Charles Cunningham Boycott

On this day in 1832, Charles Cunningham Boycott was born in Norfolk, England. After some years in the service, he became a land agent in Ireland. Times were tough for the tenant farmers who worked the farm he ran, but when they came to him to request a reduction in their rents until their crops were doing better, he not only refused the reduction but started eviction proceedings.

The farmers, who were part of the National Land League, retaliated by organizing to completely stop doing any business with Boycott. He couldn't even buy food for his own family in the town where he lived. Eventually, he left Ireland and went back to England where he died in 1897, several years after his name became associated with any action similar to the one the Land League imposed on him. Another good case of instant karma.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Maximuilian of Theveste; Saint Peter, Gorgonius, and Dorotheus; Saint Paul Aurelian; Saint Theophanes the Chronicler; Saint Alphege of Winchester; Saint Bernard of Capua; and Saint Fina or Seraphina.

Happy Birthdays
Not Celebrating: Jack Kerouac (1922), Buckwheat Thomas (1931).

Still Celebrating: Edward Albee (1928, DC), Liza Minnelli (1946, Los Angeles), Barbara Feldon (1941, Pittsburgh).

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