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March 21

(this story is obviously incomplete...)

Things to Do Today:
1. Stay On Top of the Food Chain

My friend Judy gave me a beautiful book for Christmas. It is called Animal Myth and Magic: Images from Pre-Columbian Textiles. A recurrent theme in the pictures in the fabrics is human beings being devoured. I noticed the same thing in a museum in Costa Rica where there were lovely little gold figures of crocodiles eating people. In fact, I have a theory that this is probably the first theme of art in general. And it's a theme that never seems to grow old.

The size of the creature eating us doesn't seem to matter--we seem equally unwilling to be eaten by bacteria or by bears, as evidenced by the length we go to when we are buried in expensive boxes that ostensibly guarantee our bodies to be kept, if not pristine, at least away from critters.

flesh-eating bacteria











Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Serapion and Saint Enda.

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