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March 22 Socotra

The Harrisons:
3 First Ladies in 4 Years and an Army of Ferrets?

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If you live or are visiting near Indianapolis, Indiana, you can celebrate Presidents' Day today by visiting both President Benjamin Harrison's home and his grave.

As is the case with just about everyone who ever lived, Benjamin Harrison, and especially his wife Caroline, are more interesting than they seem at first glance.



Trivia from another site:

  • Harrison's father constructed a one-room schoolhouse on the family farm and hired a tutor to instruct his children to read and write
  • Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of a former President, William Henry Harrison
  • During his terms of office, six states were admitted to the Union, the most of any president; North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming
  • The president loved the sport of hunting, often preying upon ducks and raccoons
  • Once on an outing in 1889 he mistakenly shot a farmer's pig thinking it was a raccoon
  • His wife Caroline was the second of three First ladies to die while her husband held office
  • Harrison married the widow, Mary Lord Dimmick, after his presidency

Harrison Family Chronology:

October 1, 1832 Caroline Harrison born in Oxford, Ohio
August 20, 1833 Benjamin Harrison born in North Bend, Ohio
October 20, 1853 Benjamin (20) and Caroline married
August 12, 1854 Son Russell born
April 8, 1858 Daughter Mary Harrison McKee born
April 30, 1858 Mary Scott Lord Dimmick Harrison born in Honesdale, Pennsylvania
March 4, 1889 Benjamin Harrison becomes the 23rd President (55)
October 25, 1892 Caroline dies
March 3, 1893 Benjamin Harrison leaves office
April 6, 1896 Benjamin (62) and Mary Scott Lord Dimmick, Caroline's niece (a widow), marry
1897 Benjamin and Mary's daughter Elizabeth born
March 13, 1901 Benjamin dies (67)
1930 Mary Harrison McKee dies
1936 Russell Harrison dies
January 5, 1948 Mary Scott Lord Dimmick Harrison dies
1955 Elizabeth Harrison dies

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Paul of Narbonne and Companions, Saint Basil of Ancyra, Saint Deogratias, Saint Benvenuto of Osimo, Saint Nicholas of Flue (patron saint of chimney-sweeps, to be invoked against creosote buildup?), and Saint Nicholas Owen.

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