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March 27
The Great Easter Catastrophe

foil easter eggsWhen my sister and I were about 29 and 30, respectively, we both showed up at our folks' house for Easter and proceeded to begin the Great Competitive Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Egg Hunt. To our horror and dismay, there were no foil-wrapped chocolate eggs ANYWHERE. Not on the ornamentation of the table lamps. Not on the edges of picture frames. Not on window ledges, under saucers, or in teacups. THE EASTER BUNNY HAD NOT COME TO OUR HOUSE.

"WAAAAA!" we screamed. "WHERE ARE THE EGGS????"

Apparently our mother had decided we were too old for egg hunts. She didn't make THAT mistake again. Hrmph.

Saints celebrating feast days today include St. Alexander , St. Alkeld , St. Amator , St. Augusta , St. John of Egypt , St. Rupert , St. Matthew of Beauvais. No patronages.

Not Celebrating: Gloria Swanson (1899-1993)

An especially happy birthday goes to Michael York (1942, Fulmer, England), Quentin Tarantino (1963, Knoxville TN), and Anthony Lewis (1927, NYC) because today was also the day Patty Smith Hill was born in 1868. She, along with her sister Mildred, wrote the song "Happy Birthday to You," a song for which their heirs are still collecting royalties.

Wonder what happened to that dress?

And, from IMDB...the complete list of celebrating stars.

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