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March 6
Let's Sell it on eBay!

Someone sent me the link to an eBay auction featuring one of the breast implants of a retired stripper. This implant was one of two sued by a man who was pummeled by them during an enthusiastic performance. Now I might be tempted to make judgments about any woman who would get huge enormous breast implants, even (or especially) as a career move, but since the bidding is up to over $16,000, I don't think she is stupid.

The person who wrote me about this auction was a little puzzled by one thing: Why was this woman allowed to sell her implant while a person who was auctioning his own wisdom teeth had to withdraw them from sale because you aren't allowed to sell your own body parts on eBay? Apparently my correspondent wanted those teeth. I didn't ask. I guess I am becoming a real Bisbee person because until this minute I didn't even think about asking. The only question that came to mind was if eBay allowed the sale of other people's body parts. So many questions, so little time.

Who would bid on a breast implant, famous or not? Why, the Golden Palace Casino, of course! This is the same concern that bought the grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary on it (although you could make just as good a case for Rita Hayworth) for $28,000. That should buy a lot of Velveeta.

So what else is the Golden Palace Casino buying? How about advertising space on a beautiful girl's pregant belly? $8,800.00.

$900 for two custom-painted spokesmodels who already had tickets to the Super Bowl.

$207.05 for some excess Christmas Spirit that a couple wished to get rid of. I can understand that. The proceeds from this auction went to charity.

$2,550 for a piece of limestone with the image of Christ. This reminds me of the people whose house became a shrine when someone thought she saw the image of Jesus on their garage door. I wonder if that's online?

$65,000 for a ghost and a cane. Now this is a story that needs to be preserved before EBay removes the auction from its site. It makes me cry.

This isn't a joke.

My 5 year old son believes the ghost of my father haunts our house (which was once my fathers house) My son knows I sell on ebay and asked me to put my dads ghost up for auction. Since he wants to make sure someone gets the ghost he wants me to put his cane up so he goes with it.

Ever since my father died my 5 year old son has been afraid to go anywhere in the house alone whether it be day or night! I always thought it was just normal kid fears until a few months ago he told me why he was so scared. He told me "Grandpa died here, and he was mean. His ghost is still around here!" He then brought up the couple of times my dad tapped him with his cane and how mean his grandpa looked when he yelled at him. so up for auction is my dad's ghost along with his cane he used for getting around and hurt my 5 year olds feelings with.

Here's the story,

My father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in May of 2003 and I was in charge of helping him battle it. He had been sick long before finding out why which made it even more difficult since the Cancer had taken over most of his right lung and his weight was down to 95 lbs. He hid this fact well by wearing bulky clothes so we had no clue how sick he was.

When my dad became frustrated and my youngest child irritated him he would yell at my son, A couple of times my dad tapped him on the butt with his cane that he used to get around. It didn't hurt my son but it hurt his feelings.

After my father was operated on and spend a month with up's and downs in the hospital I took him home. I moved my family into his house so I could take care of him and get him well again. Well, He died on me a month after coming home. In his bedroom (which is now my & my husbands bedroom) peacefully while he slept.

Since this is the house I grew up in and my mother has Alzheimer's and didn't have a lot of money to fall back on I decided we would buy the house.

So that's the story. I promise you he's not a meanie like my son thinks but it's hard to tell that to a 5 year old when all he remembers is the bad things. My dad was the sweetest most caring man you'd ever meet.

To whoever wins this auction I would like to ask you to write a letter after you've received the cane (and the ghost) to my son letting him know that he's there with you and you're getting along great. I will give details at the end of the auction to the winner.

Pictures show the cane and my dad in his younger days. :)

On Nov-29-04 at 14:55:22 PST, seller added the following information:

Just wanted to add that all funds made from this auction will go to my son to buy himself something special.

On Dec-05-04 at 05:26:10 PST, seller added the following information:

As you can see I have cancelled those outrageous bids for this. Please don't go overboard on this. I just want to make my son feel at ease here. I am trying to read everyones questions. I know there are copy-cats with the exact same auction going on. Although I am glad they took some of the attention away from here I don't like the few that are using my fathers photo. I am a nervous wreck right now, I can't believe this went so far. Please keep the bidding at a minimum.. Thank you

I guess the "something special" can be a college education now. I'm glad the Golden Palace Casino did go overboard on that one.

I'm going to look through my stuff and put my thinking cap on. Better yet, why not sell that thinking cap!

NOTE: I'd like to hear from the people in that story about the cane. If you know them, please have them contact me at the email link below.


Birthdays today include Tom Arnold (1959, Ottumwa, IA), Kiri Te Kanawa (1944, Gisborne, New Zealand), and Rob Reiner (1945 or 1947, NYC).

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Fridolin, Saint Cyneburga, Saint Cyneswide and Tibba, Saint Chrodegang, Saint Blared and Bilfred, Saint Cadroe or Cadroel, Saint Ollegarius or Oldegar, Saint Cyril of Constantinople, and Saint Colette.

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