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May 10
For the Person Who Has Everything
Plastics Make It Possible

The 1992 Iggie for Art was presented to "Jim Knowlton, Renaissance man, for his classic anatomy poster 'Penises of the Animal Kingdom,' and to the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts for encouraging Mr. Knowlton to extend his work in the form of a pop-up book." [2006 Update: It seems incredible, but this poster cannot be found anywhere at any price. Judging from the number of hits this page gets, there is a market.]

And speaking of the you-know-whats of the animal kingdom, I was over at my friend Sherrie's house when UPS delivered the artificial insemination kit for her sow. This isn't something one sees every day. The tube used to do the insemination looked like a small auger, threaded at the business end.

"Does that mean...." I ventured, too astonished to continue.

"Well," said Sherry, "I guess that is what the inside of the sow is like...it is exactly what the boar is like."

Ain't evolution grand? How the heck did any animal ever evolve something like that and why? If it were of great survival benefit, why don't all the guys have one? Oh, the questions...the mind reels. For instance, do the "threads" go the other direction south of the equator? Guess we now know where there term "screw" came from.

Just so you won't be filled with questions yourself, I will describe the hog AI experience from the human viewpoint. Sherry put a big dish of food in front of the sow which kept the pig very happy while Sherry twisted the hollow tube in and pushed on the plunger, which moved the semen into the vagina. Three months, three weeks, and three days later....piglets. Lots easier than dealing with a boar:


Saints who have feast days today include Antoninus of Florence (really truly also called Little Anthony), Gordian, Epimachus, Calepodius, Alphius, Job (invoked against depression and ulcers), Cyrinus, Philadelphus, Catald (invoked against drought, hernia, and storms), Conleth, Isidore the Laborer, Solangia (or Solange, patron of children, shepherds--invoked for or against rain), and John of Avila.


Celebrating May 10th birthdays are or were John Wilkes Booth (1838), David O. Selznick (1902), and Donovan ("Mellow Yellow," 1943).

Stonewall Jackson died on this day in 1863 and Paul Revere in 1818.


Victoria Woodhull (of whom I was totally ignorant until writing this report) was nominated for President of the United States on this day in 1872, and in 1931 golf-ball-sized hail fell in Burlington, New Jersey.

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