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May 15

It's a huge day for the saints. In fact, I'd say that if you have been very very good and feel it is a possibility that you could become a saint sometime after your death, be extremely careful today. Saints celebrating feast days today include Isidore (Isidro) the Farmer (patron of Madrid, farmers, farm workers, and ranchers), Torquatus, Isidore of Chios, Hilary of Galeata, Dymphna (patron of asylums, mental health workers, victims of nervous diseases, runaways, victims of incest, the insane, the possessed, and epileptics; invoked against epilepsy, sleepwalking, and insanity), Gerebernus, Bertha, Rupert, Hallvard (patron saint of Oslo, invoked for the defense of innocence), Isaias of Rostov, Peter of Lampsacus, Denise, Achillius, Reticius, and Jean-Baptiste de la Salle (patron of teachers).

In Mexico, this is San Isidro Day, in honor of St. Isidore the Farmer. Livestock will be decorated with flowers, or at least that's what it says here in the book. I can find nothing about this online and it seems as though there should be. Livestock dressed up (as opposed to just dressed) is definitely interesting.


Birthdays today include Pierre Curie (1859) and Trini Lopez (1937).

Emily Dickinson died on this day in 1886 and Donald F. Duncan, the inventor of the yo-yo, on this day in 1971.


If you live anywhere near Boyne, Michigan, run, don't walk, to the Boyne City National Mushroom Hunting Championship. There will be a morel mushroom hunt, carnival, live entertainment, and (my mouth is watering already) The Taste of Boyne. (What with this and the decorated livestock in Mexico (see above), I realize I must travel more.)

The Calaveras Jumping Frog Jubilee starts today, too, as does the Petersburg, Alaska, Little Norway Festival. I have been to the latter, and must say that if you are already anchored off Petersburg, it would be well worth the trouble to go tie up at the dock and have a look around town.


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