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May 18

Saints celebrating May 18th feast days include John I, Venantius (patron of leaping, invoked against danger from falling), Theodotus (patron of innkeepers), Thecusa, Potamon, Eric of Sweden (patron of same), Felix of Cantalice, Claudia, Alexandra, Julitta, Phania, Matrona, and Euphrasia.

Boring Place Names

Mount Saint Helens erupted on this day in 1980. This being the Saint Report, I looked up St. Helen and although there were a couple of them, neither seemed the sort of woman after whom a volcano might be named. Washington State Place Names more or less answered my question: "The Indians called it Lawala Clough, or 'smoking mountain,' and its present name was bestowed by Vancouver to honor the British ambassador to the court of Madrid."

More digging showed that the city of St. Andrews was named for John St. Andrews, its first postmaster (and very likely the man who chose the town's name), and St. John was named for early settler E.T. St. John. So the British ambassador to the court of Madrid was probably named Mr. St. Helens. If this is a big yawn, remember it took you only a few seconds to read and it took me over an hour to research. Sometimes the Saint Report seems doomed to dullness.

Here's a really dumb Washington State place name story:

Retsil, site of a Veterans' home near Port Orchard, was named by spelling the then- governor's name, which was Lister, backwards.


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