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May 25
National Tap Dance Day

Because it is the anniversary of the birth of that great tap dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (1878, Richmond, VA), May 25 has been designated National Tap Dance Day by...well...by someone. Oh! Here it is! National Tap Dance Day is the brainchild of the Dance Council.

At the risk of being accused of taking something lovely and positive and turning it into a sick and bitter reminiscence (MOI?), here is my story about tap dancing:

When my sister and I were little...maybe around 7 and 8...Mother enrolled us in tap and ballet lessons in Tacoma under the care of Mrs. Zurflu. Mrs. Zurfluh, upon reflection, was an attractive, tall, mutton-dressed-as-lamb, longhaired bleached blonde who wore 'way too much makeup and probably was a frustrated Rockette or something. At the time, however, both Susan and I thought she was magnificent, exotic, and beautiful.

Susan took to dance like a duck to water, which is a bad metaphor. Susan took to dance like a swan to water. I took to dance like a duck to dance. I have always been cursed (or blessed) by an absence of the ability to see myself very clearly, so graceful gestures did not come naturally. Feet stuck out at all angles, fingers (in those sad photos remaining) point here and there, hairs escaped my ponytail, and I laughed right into the camera instead of, Susan-like, gazing prettily off to the side as instructed. My tap shoes were untied.

Eventually Mrs. Zurfluh took my mother aside and advised her that little Susan was going great guns but the Jones family was wasting its money on Marilyn. Either I was in earshot of this or Mother apprised me of the details later. Whatever. I don't remember being sorry to leave dance class, but I do remember thoroughly accepting the bad-dancer label which has never left me. I can't say I never set foot on a dance floor again, but I didn't do it often and I sure as heck failed to enjoy it much. I guess I can't still blame Mrs. Zurfluh for this, but in her honor I am proclaiming May 25

National Soul-Sucking Evil-Hearted
Teachers Who Should Never Be Loosed on Children


Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Bede, Saint Gregory VII, Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, Saint Dionysius of Milan, Saint Zenobius, Saint Leo or Lye, Saint Aldhlem, Saint Gennandius, and Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Birthdays: Dixie Carter (1939, McLemoresville, TN), Sir Ian McKennen, (1939, Burnley, England), Mike Myers (1963, Scarsborough, ON, Canada), Beverly Sills (1929, Brooklyn, NY), Karen Valentine (1947, Sebastopol, CA).

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