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May 2
Healthy Lamb?

May 1, 1997

Hi Goat,

...My paternal grandmother's name was Sarah and I have a grand daughter with the same name...

I appreciate your contribution to ovine verse, but reply the following:

Though healthy and healthful
may freely be exchanged,
to equate lamb with mutton
might rightly get one hanged.




I still say that if you are eating healthy lamb you had better be a coyote.

Smoky's web page is http://www.barbecuen.com/ask.htm...he has a book, a free newsletter, recipes, and "hot links" to more barbecue sites on the net than Carter has little pills. And if he cooks as well as he writes, you may be in for a really tasty summer.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Athanasius and Zoe.
leslie goreBorn on this day were Benjamin Spock (Dr. not Mr., 1903), Bianca Jagger (1945), and Lesley Gore (1946). Happily, Lesley Gore's dance card is still full--hit the photo to go to her fanclub site for information on scheduled performances (also available at her official site www.lesleygore.com, but while the official site is a little lame, the fansite is quite good).

Joseph McCarthy died on this date in 1957 and J. Edgar Hoover followed exactly 15 years later. They were two of a kind. Neither of them could have acquired any power or done any damage without the unintentional assistance of hundreds of fearful, gutless individuals who couldn't see that what they became through their silence was worse than anything that could have been done to them for protesting.




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