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November 1
The Puck Stops Here

In 1788 in the small town of Windsor, Nova Scotia, the hardy lads who attended Kings College School adapted the Irish game of hurley for play on ice, inventing "ice hurley" or, as it came to be known, ice hockey.*

Saints celebrating feast days on November 1, All Saints Day, include Saint Caesarius and Julian, Saint Benignus of Dijon, Saint Austremonius or Stremoine, Saint Mary, Saint Maturinus or Mathurin, Saint Marcellus of Paris, Saint Vigor, and Saint Cadfan.

james j kilpatrickIf it weren't for his politics, I would be even crazier about James Jackson Kilpatrick, who was born in Oklahoma City on this date in 1920. Oh well. No one is perfect.

Sharing this auspicious date with Mr. Kilpatrick: Larry Flynt (1942), Jenny McCarthy (1972), Betsy Palmer (1926), Gary Player (1935), and numerous others.

Approximately seven generations of dentists grew fat on this sport before 1959, when Jacques Plante, the Montreal Canadiennes' goalie, decided he had stopped enough pucks with his face and emerged from the locker room wearing a homemade mask of fiberglass and resin.

Did you know.....
Polar bear liver is poisonous to human beings? It contains a toxic level of Vitamin A.

The dentists, however, still had the rest of the teams (and all the players who weren't goalies) to work with, and besides, in 1929 the Sugar Daddy hit the streets, pulling out teeth and fillings even where the weather made ice hockey just a beautiful dream of self-mutilization.


*It looks like this story may be a myth. Look here for the Wiki article about the origins of ice hockey--I'd summarize it but I don't care enough. Yawn.

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