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November 16

Saints celebrating feast days today include Gertrude the Great (she was on yesterday's list, too...half the hagiographies give her day as the 15th)(patron saint of the West Indies), Mechtilde, Margaret of Scotland (patron saint of Scotland), Edmund of Abingdon, Agnes of Assisi, and Othmar.


When the ferry arrived at noon, I uncrated the dogs, labeled the kennel for its return, then packed all my stuff up to the terminal, which was about a mile from the town itself. I tried to rent a locker to store everything, but there wasn't one. The attendant told me she was locking the building until the next ferry--which wasn't arriving for quite some time--and that I should just leave it all outside. Since I didn't want to drag everything to town with me, that is what I did, but I was sure I was seeing it all for the last time.

The walk was beautiful. The mountains were close enough to touch in the crystal air. The Wrangell Narrows, the body of water that separated Mitkof Island, where Petersburg is located, from Kupreanof Island was clean and blue. The houses I passed were a little on the shabby side, but had Alaskan charm.

Beyond the post office, I stopped at Irene's Restaurant, tied the dogs, and went in for a cup of coffee and information on jobs and housing. I was told that I could register with the Alaska Job Service office down the street. No one knew of any houses for rent.

I left Irene's, untangled the dogs (who had barked themselves into terriersterics and were now wound into a silent wad of short legs and long leashes), and headed down the street.

The two people in the employment office were extremely helpful. In spite of my travel-worn appearance and the fact that I didn't live anywhere, I was given an appointment for an interview the following day with a local business. They also provided me with more housing information, all of which was sobering. No one knew of a house to rent. Had there been a house to rent, no one knew of a house that was ever rented to someone with dogs. There were two motels and one hotel in town, neither of which took pets. There was no kennel. There was no veterinarian.

When I arrived back at Irene's, the owner, Irene, suggested I call her husband and ask him if I could stay on his fishing boat. People had stayed on it before during the winter in order to keep the batteries charged and make sure it didn't sink when it was snowed on. Maybe he would let me stay on it since I didn't look like a hippy.

Luckily, he agreed to it. "But only until March." March! I told him it would be for only a few days until I found a house. He said that was still ok with him and so this letter is being written on the good ship Minker (a troller) in Petersburg harbor. I sure feel like an Alaskan!

And I start work on Monday. Hope to have a real place to live by then because there isn't any bathroom on this boat! Oh, by the way...all my stuff was still at the ferry terminal when I went back for it. It really is another world here.




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