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November 21

Onboard the Carnival Poseidon
Part III

8 a.m. Yesterday's Report was pretty bleak. I want you to know that I am not regretting having gone on this trip. Prior to this, the only cruising experience I had was on an old P&O ship in the early '70's, nothing at all like this cruise, and it is fun to have an idea what modern cruising is all about. Novelty means a lot more to me than it ought to. Certainly more than a couple of days of seasickness and the discovery that "Fun Ship" is in the eye of the beholder.

I say a couple of days because yesterday evening I looked at the big wall map denoting the ship's progress in colorful lights. I don't know why I thought we were taking some new route back to Galveston that would bypass the rough water. How different could it get? Galveston Bay is in the Gulf of Mexico and if you are leaving Galveston by sea, you are going to go through the Gulf of Mexico. Which is where that turbulence was. Is. Probably.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Gelasius and Saint Albert of Louvain.
Celebrating birthdays today: Marcy Carsey (1944) and David Hemmings (1941).

Another thing that I learned yesterday was that there were many people on board who were much sicker than I was. There were those who couldn't stop throwing up and had to go to the infirmary for $40 shots. There were some who had to be taken to the infirmary in wheelchairs. So I guess I should feel grateful I was no worse than I was and grateful that Diane brought Dramamine which did take the edge off for me. There are real benefits to traveling with someone who needs three huge bags.

We are anchored off Grand Cayman Island this morning and I am waiting to go on our shore excursion to Sting Ray City. There's a sandbar here where sting rays from two to four feet in length congregate expecting tourists to feed them squid by hand.

5:30 p.m. Neither the sting rays nor I were disappointed with the day even though it rained hard and was very rough out on the sandbar. The fish were there and I experienced many ooooo and ahhhhh moments when they tried to eat my hand instead of the squid or brushed by my legs, feeling like...gosh, nothing I can think of other than a big soft-bodied stingray...smooth, cool, maybe slimy maybe just sleek....I liked the feeling myself.

It's almost time for dinner but I didn't eat lunch until about 3 p.m. Oh well. I'll manage to choke down something, I'm sure. Tomorrow I am going to talk about recreational gluttony.

Incidentally, the grand Grand Cayman home below is for sale. Call Re/Max for details. The house demonstrates the huge difference between Jamaica and this British island.

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