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November 5
vil Figs

November 1-7 is National Fig Week and in checking to see what gems of fig lore lurked on the information superhighway, I ran across the parable of the evil figs. This story, found in Jeremiah 24, compares two groups of people to two baskets of figs, one basket holding good figs and one holding "naughty" or "evil" figs. Hey, I don't make this stuff up...it is in the King James* version.

I found two things remarkable in this. First, that anyone would refer to a fruit as evil. I sort of thought that the term "evil" could be accurately applied only where there could be knowledge of right and wrong and that figs, along with other vegetation, were pretty much innocent bystanders. The second amazing thing is that there is apparently no rock band called Evil Figs.

Continuing my search for fig facts, I went to the World Book on cd, where I learned that there are four types of figs: Smyrna, San Pedro, common, and caprifigs. Smyrna figs are dependent for pollinization on the caprifigs, which host the indispensible fig wasps. Another name for the inedible (evil?) caprifig is Goat Fig. Now, THAT'S cosmic.

There were lots more things in the World Book article that I didn't know about figs, such as the flowers are contained within the fruit itself and that Smyrna figs can yield three good crops per year, but rather than go on an on about the botany, let's get back to the Event: Fig Week 2001.

This annual celebration, sponsored by the California Fig Advisory Board, coincides with the close of the fig harvest and is held to educate the public on the benefits of figs. For more fun fig factoids visit their web site (it is a good one) at
www.californiafigs.com. From fig fashion to fans of the fat-free fig, the site is a marvel of alliterative information fit for young and old.

to be continued

To Fabulous Fig Finale


Saints celebrating feast days November 5 include, but are not limited to, Elizabeth (patron saint of pregnant women), Zachary, Galation, Episteme, Bertilla, Lye, and Nataline.

Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary (the famous one). The story is that she and her husband, Zachary, were older than dirt when he got the directive that Elizabeth and he were going to have a son named John (the one who became John the Baptist). When Zachary expressed some doubt (I can see him saying to the angel who delivered the message, "Oh yeah RIGHT") he was struck dumb. Speech was restored to him after the baby was born, but at least Elizabeth had the most peaceful pregnancy on record.

The angel did not say that this son was going to be sung about by Glenn Close on Broadway a couple thousand years later.

*It is Guy Fawkes Day in the United Kingdom. Bonfires and a general party atmosphere accompany this celebration of the failure of a plot to blow up the Parliament and King James I in 1605. Guy Fawkes is burned in effigy and the following old poem is heard:

"Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot;
I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot."


Famous birthdays today include Art Garfunkle (1941, Forest Hills, NY), Elke Sommer (1941, Berlin), Ike Turner (1931, Clarksdale, MS), and Tatum O'Neal (1963, Los Angeles).

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