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October 15

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Albert, Saint Tecla, and Saint Theresa of Avila (patron saint of lacemakers and those suffering from headaches; to be invoked by those in need of grace).


Penny Marshall, one of the people on my Women I Would Love to Have Lunch With list, turns 61 (1942, NYC) today.


furyThe old television show, "Fury," premiered on this day in 1955, starring Peter Graves and Bobby Diamond. The story was about an orphaned city kid rescued by rancher Graves and given the black stallion, Fury. Bobby Diamond is now a criminal law attorney and still friends, according to one website article, with Lassie star Tommy Rettig.

The Broken Wheel Ranch has lots of "Fury" information.

Those were the good old days, all right. Of course, in order for them to be good you needed to be male, Caucasian, Protestant, and free from noticeable defects in workmanship.

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