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October 19

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Rene Goupil (patron saint of anesthetists), Saint Jean de Brebeuf and Saint Isaac Jogues, Saint Ethbin, Saint Frideswide, Saint Paul of the Cross, Saint Peter of Alcantara (patron saint of Brazil and Estremadura*), Saint Ptolomaeus and Saint Lucius.

*Estremadura? A region in Portugal with some mouthwatering native dishes.

John Lithgow turns 60 today (1945, Rochester, NY) and Michael Gambon turns 65 (1940, Dublin).


annie smith peckAnnie Smith Peck was born 155 years ago today (1850). She was a woman ahead of her time: a mountaineer, adventurer, world traveler, and suffragette.

Most of Annie Peck's travel and climbing was done in South America, a continent with which she felt a special bond. When she climbed the 21,812 foot Peruvian peak Huascaran, she set the record for highest Western Hemisphere peak climbed by an American man or woman.

At the age of 61, she climbed another mountain in Peru, Mt. Coropuna, placing a "VOTES FOR WOMEN" banner at its apex.

Annie Peck died at the age of 85 in New York City.


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