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October 22

Happy 6,012th Birthday, Universe

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Abercius, Saint Philip of Heraclea and Companions, Saint Mallonius or Mellon, Saint Nunilo and Alodia, and Saint Donatus of Fiesole.

Celebrating birthdays today: Annette Funicello (1942), Derek Jacobi (1938), Christopher Lloyd (1938).

Tomorrow, October 23, 2008 (according to the late great Bishop Ussher), the universe, with an emphasis on planet Earth, celebrates its 6,009th birthday, carbon dating be damned. Through painstaking perusal of the Bible, James Ussher (1581-1656), Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland, and Vice-Chancellor of Trinity College in Dublin, determined that the first day of creation was Sunday, October 23, 4004 B.C.

"Adam and Eve Perfect the Hokey Pokey"

Using his chronology, Bishop Ussher further determined that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden on Monday, November 10, 4004. They didn't even make it two weeks before they were out on their ears--imagine that. I'd say offhand that they signed their rental agreement without reading the fine print.

Before going to the trouble of reproducing Adam and Eve's rental agreement, I did a little Google search for the string: adam eve rental agreement. Among other things (it is getting very hard to be original), was this. At the risk of being seriously upstaged, I suggest you click on the picture or the link.

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