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October 3

Rex Allen Days

rex allenWillcox, Arizona, which is right up the trail from me, celebrates the life of hometown boy Rex Allen, "The Arizona Cowboy," this weekend with singing, dancing, and general whooping it up. The event should rope in about 20,000.

Rex Allen (December 31, 1922 - December 17, 1999) was the last of the singing cowboys, and he was a real singing cowboy at that. Born on a ranch in Willcox, Allen experienced the death of a brother by rattlesnake bite, loss of pretty much everything through drought, and all the other perils of Arizona ranch life.



Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Hesychius, The Two Ewalds, Saint Gerard of Brogne, Saint Froilan and Saint Attilanus, and Saint Thomas of Hereford.

Celebrating birthdays: Chubby Checker (1941, Philadelphia), Gore Vidal (1925, West Point, NY).



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