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September 10
Fun with A Texas Original

(2007) I met Frances through a post on a Menard, Texas, online bulletin board. It was written by her daughter:

Frances G.'s Donkey

Keep in mind that my Mother will be 88 years old in August.

Big news from Menard, Texas....Friday evening sometime (they're guessing), Bozo went missing, but they didn't realize it until Saturday. Mother went looking for him and the poor old thing had fallen into the river. Down at the mouth of Clear Creek up about 20 or 30 feet. Mother was trying to figure out how to get him out, got her foot stuck in a nutria hole and fell in the river herself! It had rained a lot and the bank was very slick. Said there was a fisherman in a boat out there who she hollered at, but he didn't seem willing nor care to help. (probably a visitor) She said she figured if she had fallen in the river again, he probably would have just let her sink to the bottom.

Anyway, she said she had just finished watching "Animal Rescue" on television so she went back up to the house and called 911! Asked them if they had anything to get an old donkey out of the San Saba River. Lady said "No, but hold on and I'll call the game warden." The game warden showed up, deputy sheriff and about 5 others who had been listening to scanners. She said she'd look up and see somebody else running down the hill with rope. Lulu was there too. She is one of Mother's rescued goats and she just idolizes Bozo, so she was naturally underfoot of all those men. One of the men jumped in, went underwater to see if any of his hooves might be stuck in a hole in the river bottom, but came back up and said that Bozo was up to his knees in mud. There had been a lot of rain lately, and the river had been on a rise. Somebody showed up with a come-along and they finally got old Bozo out. (Bank is too steep for the poor thing to have just walked out.) At one point, somebody said, "Is he breathing?" That liked to have scared Mother to death. She said when they finally got him out, he was so tuckered out, he just lay there with his head on the ground making the most awful noise. He started getting up and somebody said, "Mrs. Grobe, do you want to us to get him back up the hill?" She said, "No, that's all right. Just let him go." Then she told me, "Do you know that old son-of-a-bit_h and Lulu took off and beat us all back to the house? Got up there and he was eating everything in sight!"

I know this story was long, but believe you me, it's a lot shorter than the one I heard on the phone from my Mother.

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Nicholas of Tolentino; Saint Nemesian and Companions; Saint Menodora, Metrodora, and Nymphodora; Saint Pulcheria; Saint Finnian of Moville; Saint Salvius of Albi; Saint Theodard; Saint Aubert; and Saint Ambrose Barlow.

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