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September 21

Saints o' the Day include Saint Matthew (patron saint of accountants, bookkeepers, and bankers), Saint Maura of Troyes, and Saint Michael of Chernigov and Saint Theodore.


Other people, some of whom I like, were born today, but they are all overshadowed by Leonard Cohen (1934, Montreal). What a man. What a poet. What a singer. Sigh. If I could have inspired a song (and who knows--maybe I DID, but I doubt it--maybe I still WILL, but I doubt that even more), I would have wanted it to be "I'm Your Man" even if Leonard Cohen hadn't written it. What a song.

The beautiful but tragic Gail Russell was born on September 21, 1924. By August 26, 1961, she had starred in several movies, seen her career wax and wane, married and divorced Guy Madison, and drunk herself to death.

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