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September 24
AT LEAST One Born Every Minute

(2008) I received this today from one of the email groups I am on (I cut and pasted without editing):

Subject: Site Promoting Dog Fighting!!

Applarently it is a REAL site..I found it through another site... www.felonspy.com
It has a link to this " Puppy Profits" site trying to help stop it... www.puppyprofits.com

It gets worse though....
Here are some sites that are directly linked to puppy profits site:

http://doggycondoms.com/ On promoting "safe sex" for dogs

http://www.puppybeef.com/ You can actually by dog meat..as in dogs
being killed and cut into steaks! WTF!!

OMG this is just AWEFUL!!!! How the HELL is this ok?!!! And how do
we find the right people to close this crap down!


Here is my answer to the group:

Those are ALL hoax sites.  Here's my proof:

1.  http://puppyprofits.com/

Look at the "testimonials" on the right.  CLEARLY this is a joke site.  It may not be funny to you, but different people laugh at different things--this is
supposed to be funny.  Here are two of the testimonials:

"I've held dog fights in my back yard for years and I'm barely under investigation!"
Mary Beth K. - Miami, FL

"I only spent $600 converting my back yard and promoting my first fight. Now I make almost $10,000 a week and I don't even like dogs!"
M. Vick - Atlanta, GA

2.  http://doggycondoms.com/

"House pets have so little to look forward to in life. Living a domestic existence is hard for them, and unnatural, and it only serves the purpose of making your life somehow better by filling some unexplainable absence you feel probably because you don’t have children, but it robs them of everything they know to be the very essence of their nature. They don’t get to hunt, rove in packs or die from exposure at young ages. Sex is one of the last bastions afforded to domestic animals, and the act of spaying or neutering your dog can take away their very will to live."

Clearly for laughs.

3.  http://www.puppybeef.com/

If you do a whois search for the domain name, you find it is the same owner as the other two websites (and kittybeef.com, too).

He's also behind this one:


Sure it is all tasteless (pun unintended), but it ISN'T real.  I guess the guy is trying to get famous by making up outrageous (and, if I do say so, very well-crafted) websites, which might get him his fifteen minutes eventually.  As it is, you search for his name and not much comes up except some stuff by other people who think he's for real.

I won't say "get a sense of humor already" because I am sure you all DO have senses of humor (sense of humors?), but DO view this stuff with skepticism and do your homework--outrage at the websites just feeds the guy's ego.

And another thing (or two)...

That first site?  Felonspy.com?  You guessed it--same guy.

As to closing the sites down...NO!  I fear censorship far more than I fear bad taste and the hazards associated with being offended.


Funnily enough, I found this at the ASPCA site:


These people have turned the guy in to the FBI! It really makes me wonder how many strange (and purely bogus) offenses are reported to the FBI by people who don't QUITE have a grasp on reality.

Which reminds me...



Those sites are for real. One born every minute and now they can find each other and reproduce.


Saints celebrating feast days on September 24 include Saint Andochius, Saint Rusticus, Saint Paphnutius, and Saint Germer.

Famous birthdays include Sheila MacRae (1923, London).

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