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September 28

lil abner characters

Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Wenceslas (patron saint of Czechoslovakia and brewers), Saint Exsuperius, Saint Eustochium, Saint Faustus of Riez, Saint Annemund, and Saint Lioba.


Celebrating birthdays: Brigitte Bardot, 67; William Windom, 78.

Al Capp, creator of Li'l Abner, Dogpatch, Sadie Hawkins Day, Fearless Fosdick, Moonbeam McSwine, Mammy Yokum, and Daisy Mae, schmoos, and too many other wonderful places/things/individuals to list, was born September 28, 1909, and died November 5, 1979. Out of all of them, I suppose only Sadie Hawkins is going to extend beyond my generation.

Click on the illegally downloaded images below to go to the Al Capp site to find out what you missed if you are too young to have been around for it or to get reintroduced to some unforgettable characters if you are my age or older:


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