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September 29

Saints o' the Day include Saint Michael the Archangel (patron saint of Brussels, the sick, and battle, and to be invoked when tempted or when storm-tossed at sea), Saint Gabriel the Archangel (patron saint of communications workers), Saint Raphael the Archangel (patron saint of the blind, of happy meetings, of nurses, of physicians, and of travelers), Saint Rhipsime, Saint Gaiana, and Saint Theodota of Philippolis.

Famous birthdays today include Anita Ekberg (1931, Malmo, Sweden), Patricia Hodge (1946, Cleethorpes, Linconshire, England), Jerry Lee Lewis (1935, Ferriday, LA), and Ian McShane (a hottie in the eyes of this old coot) (1942, Blackburn, England).

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