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September 30

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Saints o' the Day include Saint Jerome (patron saint of students and librarians), Saint Gregory the Illuminator, Saint Honorius of Canterbury, and Saint Simon of Crepy.

Birthdays today include Angie Dickinson (1931, Kulm, ND), Fran Drescher (1957, Flushing), Deborah Kerr (1921, Helensburgh, Scotland), and Johnny Mathis (1935, Gilmer, TX).

How did Angie Dickinson get out of North Dakota, you ask?

Kulm, North Dakota, is a farming community about an hour or two south of Jamestown, North Dakota--two, at least, in 1931. The population is under 600, which would seem to indicate that Angie was born at home. Now, this had the scent of a good story, but rather than being the daughter of struggling depression-era dust farmers, Angie was a daughter of the local newspaper publisher. To make matters worse, the family left Kulm for Southern California when Angie was 11. After that, Angie won her high school's Bill of Rights contest (her sister won it some years later) and then a series of beauty contests, etc., etc.

I think Angie's parents would make a good story, though. Were they Kulm natives? Did Angie's father go to Kulm to work on the paper there and meet and marry a local girl? How was the Depression in Kulm? Did the paper accept wheat in payment for advertising? The family name was Brown; I kind of wanted it to be Jorgenson or Svenson or something.

I'm writing this in Bisbee, Arizona, on September 19, 2003. It's a blissful 64 degrees Farenheit here. It's already down to 34 in Kulm and it isn't even Fall yet.


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